Organic Carrots and Kale Salad

… made this for a friend the night before flying out to Luang Prabang on vacation… it’s really quick and easy to do, so this one if perfect for when you don’t have much time… it can also be prepared ahead of time and then set aside in the fridge which is super useful for those of you who similarly struggle with a small kitchen space!


Kale (1 bunch)

6 brown mushrooms

9 organic carrots (mini)

Olive oil





Toppings (optional):


Sage leaves


Wash and remove the kale stems (we only use the leaves in cooking as the stems are exceptionally tough).

Slice the brown mushrooms.

In a medium pan, fry the kale and mushrooms for about 4 minutes along with the olive oil, honey, teriyaki, garlic and ginger. Set aside.

Wash and cut the carrots; drizzle honey on them and pan fry for approx. 5 minutes until cooked.

Top with breadcrumbs and sage leaves.

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